Accessing Acceptance

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Acceptance is a vital mindset and practice for finding balance with food and eating. This teleconference will explores the gentle, non-blaming approach to change that is promoted by an attitude of acceptance.

Listeners will learn:

  • The role of acceptance in the mindful change process and how this differs from an often non-forgiving model of change.
  • How to define acceptance and differentiate it from the idea of resignation
  • Examine how to introduce the topic of acceptance into sessions and overcome resistance to this approach.

Donald Altman, MA, LPC

Are you overwhelmed or burned out by stress, anxiety, depression, or negativity?

Do you want a personal, daily mindfulness practice but aren't sure where to begin?

Whether you work in the healthcare field, thecorporate world, are a stay at home parent or multi-tasker--a personal daily mindfulness practice is invaluable to finding balance, joy, and peace.

Donald Altman's many books, workshops, and therapy integrate ancient wisdom and tools with 21st century brain science.

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