Creating Mindful Eaters: Building Mindful Mealtime Skills with Children

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Adults can influence children’s eating behaviors by the foods they offer, the behaviors they model, and their social interactions with children at snack and mealtimes. Sitting down with children, eating the same foods in family-style dining provides an opportunity to encourage children’s curiosity and interest in tasting and experiencing a wide variety of healthy foods. Dr. Lynn Rossy will share research about teaching mindfulness to children and the BASICS of mindful eating, a tool that parents and teachers can use to help children determine the food they would like to eat, how much food will satisfy their hunger, and how they feel after eating. Find out how mindful eating can help adults and children develop healthier food attitudes, habits and dietary practices that ultimately support good health.

Given May 16, 2017

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Included: One 60-min video (mp4)

Lynn Rossy, Ph.D., is an author and health psychologist who specializes in offering mindfulness-based interventions for eating, stress, and work-life balance. She became the Director of Integrated Wellness at Veterans United after spending much of her career at the University of Missouri System.

She developed an empirically validated mindfulness-based intuitive eating program called Eat for Life which helps people have a healthy relationship with food and their bodies—decreasing binge eating while increasing body image, mindfulness, and intuitive eating. She published the concepts from the program in a book entitled, The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution (New Harbinger, July 2016).

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