Creating A Sacred Kitchen- How To Sanctify Your Eating Space & Make It Holy

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The kitchen is usually the center of the household, whether one lives with a family, in a couple or on one's own. It's not just a place for food preparation and storage, it tends to also be a psychological center, the place where we nourish ourselves and others. Yet kitchens are often perceived and used as a utilitarian space, absent of holiness and a sense of the sacred. Creating a Sacred Kitchen involves several key elements that begins with mindfully de-cluttering and organizing the space so it is appetizing, peaceful and beautiful. It ends with the commitment to bless our kitchen activities, not just eating, as way to help sanctify the space. The steps in between involve how to sanctify pots and pans, eating utensils and dishes and much more. Please join us in learning ways to create a sacred kitchen that will elevate cooking, eating and cleaning into a divine activity and a blessing of the heart.

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Ronna Kabatznick, Ph.D., is a social psychologist and a mindful eating education since the mid-1980's. For nine years, she worked as the psychological consultant to Weight Watchers International where she helped develop their behavioral weight management program which included mindful eating and feeding the hungry. She has written two best selling books, "The Zen of Eating: Ancient Answers to Modern Weight Problems" and "Who by Water: Reflections of a Tsunami Psychologist. She is currently writing a new book on desire. Dr. Kabatznick lives in Berkeley, CA and works with clients throughout the Bay Area, the US and abroad.

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