Reframing Nutrition Education Through the Lens of Mindful Eating

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At first glance, it may seem as though nutrition education is completely counter to the spirit of mindful eating. Traditional perceptions may conjure up thoughts of calorie prescriptions, exchange lists, food labels, and portion size guides, none of which are consistent with a mindfulness-based approach to making food decisions. At the same time, nutrition does influence health and diet can play a key role in managing many health conditions. So, as health professionals who care about supporting and helping to improve the health and well-being of clients, who also embrace mindful eating, how does nutrition education fit in to your work?

Learning Objectives - Part 1

  • Compare and contrast more traditional perceptions of nutrition and nutrition education with those inspired by mindful eating.
  • Identify nutrition education tools and strategies that support changes in eating behavior while also being consistent with the spirit of mindful eating.

Learning Objectives - Part 2

  • Describe useful strategies for providing mindfulness-inspired nutrition education to specific populations, such as those with chronic health conditions, food intolerances and allergies, and a history of disordered eating or eating disorders.

Marsha Hudnall, MS, RDN, CD

A registered dietitian nutritionist, Marsha has been a voice of reason and a thought leader for the last three decades in helping women move away from restrictive notions of food and health so that they can better adopt a sustainable approach to eating well. Her mission is to help women learn to enjoy eating and living well, without worries about health and weight.

Marsha has been a part of Green Mountain at Fox Run since 1986, the Vermont women's retreat that pioneered the non-diet approach to health and healthy weights. Long active with several national professional associations, Marsha recently stepped down from the board of the Binge Eating Disorder Association in order to serve as the president of The Center for Mindful Eating.

Dana Notte, MS, RD, CD

Dana has dedicated her career to helping individuals establish a balanced and healthy relationship with food. She has extensive training and experience in coaching for behavior change, mindful eating, and motivational interviewing. Dana has spent years leading group-based behavior change classes, developing and leading interactive workshops for work-site wellness programs, and providing nutrition counseling to individuals struggling with eating, weight, and chronic health conditions. She is the Nutrition Lead at Green Mountain at Fox Run

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