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​Food for Thought Winter 2019: Weight Inclusivity

Food for Thought Winter 2019: Weight Inclusivity

Table of Contents

  • From Weight-Centric to Weight Inclusive, by Linn Thorstennson, NT, mNTOI
  • Breaking Down the Barriers of Bias, by Nicole Eikenberry, MS, RDN
  • A Weight Inclusive Approach to the Care and Feeding of Ourselves, by Jenna Hollenstein, MS, RN, CDN
  • Self Compassion Body Scan, by Jenna Hollenstein, MS, RN, CDN

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About this issue

Our Winter 2019 issue of Food for Thought explores the practice and principle of weight inclusivity: the acceptance and respect of the diversity of body sizes, and the rejection of attitudes that idealize certain body sizes and types while pathologizing others. Adopting a weight-inclusive approach with clients - and with ourselves - requires examining and correcting misunderstandings about the relationship between weight and health. It also requires addressing and moving beyond our biases about body size, particularly larger body sizes, and about people who inhabit those body sizes.

As Linn Thorstensson DiP NT mNTOI eloquently explains in Moving from Weight-Centric to Weight Inclusive, mindfulness practice, rooted in awareness and compassion, naturally supports a weight-inclusive approach to mindful eating with clients and with ourselves. She also points out some of the ways mindfulness has been misused in support of diet culture and weight bias.

In Breaking Down the Barriers of Bias, Nicole Eikenberry MS, RD, discusses how Mindful Eating professionals can address their own weight bias when working with clients, putting such work firmly in the context of the ethic of modern medicine, of first doing no harm.

A Weight-Inclusive Approach to the Care and Feeding of Ourselves by Jenna Hollenstein MS, RD, CDN offers clients guidance about how to shift to a more compassionate view and treatment of their own bodies.

This issue concludes with a Self-Compassionate Body Scan, also by Jenna Hollenstein.

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