Food for Thought Spring 2018 Social Dining: Mindfully Eating Together

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Food for Thought Spring 2018 Social Dining: Mindfully Eating Together


  • Eating Out, Tuning In: From Mindless Overeating to Savoring with Awareness, Caroline Baerten, MA RD
  • The Challenges of Social Dining: How to Eat Mindfully When No Else Does, Cinzia Pezzolesi, PhD
  • Embracing the Joy of Eating for Happiness & Health, Marsha Hudnall, MS, RDN, CD

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About this issue

Our Spring 2018 issue of Food for Thought, entitled Social Dining: Mindfully Eating with Others, offers tools and guidance on how to remain mindful in social settings, whether in a restaurant or dining at home with family and friends.

In the main article, Caroline Baerten, RD, offers insights on the importance of our evolutionary journey to our eating habits, emphasizing the role of compassionate self-care and curious awareness while eating out. She shares many interesting studies on how eating out influences our food choices and why mindfulness is a crucial tool to turn our attention to what our heart, body, and mind really need.

In her article on the challenges of social dining, Cinzia Pezzolesi, PhD, encourages us to focus on setting reasonable expectations and to let go of the idea of having ‘the perfect mindful meal.’

Cultivating a mindful-eating practice, even in the midst of a busy day, can be a source of joy and happiness, according to Marsha Hudnall, RD. She shares four steps by which mindful eating can help us to maintain a balance between momentary pleasure and genuine nourishment of body and mind.

We close this issue with a meditation practice to help bring mindful eating alive during challenging family meals and restaurant dinners. As always, thank you to our writers, to our members, and to everyone in our online community for supporting Food for Thought.