Food for Thought Winter 2018 Mindful Eating as Spiritual Practice

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Food for Thought Winter 2018: Mindful Eating as Spiritual Practice


  • Understanding Mindful Eating as Spiritual Practice, Lynn Rossy, Ph.D.
  • Introducing the Spiritual Aspects of Mindful Eating to Others, Jan Chozen Bays, Roshi, MD
  • Creating a Sacred Space for Food, Mind and Body, Caroline Baerten, MA, RD
  • Saying Thank-you as a Guide to Opening Your Heart, Lynn Rossy, PhD

About this issue

This edition of Food for Thought will help you make your way into the New Year with new eyes, an open heart, and an exploration of the deeper aspects of mindful eating.

The lead article, “Understanding Mindful Eating as a Spiritual Practice” is by Lynn Rossy, Ph.D., Vice President of The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME), and author of The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution. Intended for professionals, this article will help you explore with your clients the broader implications of every bite of food we take. She explains the need to be aware of our intentions in practicing mindful eating, what we are attending to during eating, and the attitude that we bring to the table every time we eat.

The educational handout, “Creating a Sacred Space for Food, Mind, and Body,” is by Caroline Baerten, a mindfulness-based nutritionist/RD and certified Mindful Eating, Conscious Living teacher (ME-CL). This educational handout offers your clients many suggestions for cultivating reverence in their relationship with food that can insert the sacred into the process of mindful eating.

Jan Chozen-Bays, MD, author of Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Joyful and Healthy Relationship with Food, offers the practice article, “Introducing the Spiritual Aspects of Mindful Eating to Others.” Her exercise provides a powerful way to understand the interconnected nature of all life through the simple act of eating a raisin.

The final offering, “Saying “Thank You” As a Guide to Opening Your Heart” is a beautiful practice written and recorded by Lynn Rossy, Ph.D. Use it on a regular basis to remind your heart and mind of the many blessings that surround and nurture us.