Changing Your Relationship to a Difficult Food Using Mindfulness

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This is an experiential exploration of your relationship to a food which is problematic for you. This could be a food you have difficulty savoring, difficulty staying present with while eating, or do not have a joyful relationship with for any reason. Please bring a food in that category.

We will look at the quality of relationship to food as it connects to relationships with others and to ourselves, and then practice repairing that relationship eating by eating that food in a mindful way.

Participants should have some familiarity with mindful eating prior to attending this program. The resources at the Introduction Mindful Eating page on our website are a good place to begin, as is our monthly Conscious Café.

Changing Your Relationship to a Difficult Food Using Mindfulness

Recorded June 10, 2019

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Alice J. Rosen, MSEd, LMHC, is the founder of "The No-Diet and Self-Led Eating Workshops" and "The Conscious Cafe'. She is a faculty member of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy, a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist, and former Director of Education for "Feeding Ourselves (SM)".

Alice initially trained as an expressive therapist and presently works as a psychotherapist and educator specializing in eating and body image issues. She also addresses more general issues such as anxiety, mood disorders, life transitions, and chronic pain/stress.

Mindfulness is a key reference point in Alice's practice. She started meditating in 1974. In 1979, during a mindfulness meditation retreat, in the midst of 17 years of conflict with food and her body, she experienced being calmly in charge, and fully satisfied. In eating mindfully, she discovered that she had an inherent wisdom about when, what and how much to eat.

Alice leads mindfulness-based experiential workshops and groups designed to instill a healthy and satisfying relationship with food. In addition, her work, using the Internal Family Systems Model, helps people understand and heal the emotional underpinnings of un-attuned eating.

She has authored and produced the CD set, The Feeding Ourselves Method, A Guide to Achieving a Healthy Relationship with Food. Her publication credits include her column, "BODY INTELLIGENCE REPORT" which appeared for three years in the journal-letter, FOOD ISSUES.

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