Delicious Movement! Partnering with Your Body for Life

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For some people the word “exercise” is a dirty word, however, some of you will absolutely adore it, and the rest of you fall along the middle somewhere. But, no matter which category you place yourself in, everyone moves their body if they are physically capable. And, there is a way to learn to appreciate and enjoy this very common activity—physical movement—through mindfulness and by setting aside your preconceived ideas about it.

When physical activity is seen as a chore, something that we have to do, and an activity associated with being "bad" from eating too much or to lose weight, then a natural resistance arises toward it. But, there is another way of approaching physical activity. By developing a loving partnership with your body, you learn to move it in a respectful manner that enhances wellbeing. Just like you use mindfulness to eat with more pleasure, you can use mindfulness to move in ways that feel delicious. Join me in this webinar and discover how for yourself. No special clothes or shoes necessary. Just bring your body.


  1. Name the benefits of yoga on eating disorder symptoms.
  2. List three ways of getting more NEAT activity into your day.
  3. List three ways mindfulness helps maintain higher activity levels.

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