Developing a Compassionate Mind

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About the Event

Having a difficult relationship with food and our bodies and practicing mindful eating sometimes can be very challenging for some of us. Developing a compassionate mind can help us act from a compassionate mindset before we address these challenges. Learning how our evolutive brains work, the different emotional regulation systems, and the importance of soothing to generate self-compassion can be very helpful, particularly to help us deal with our emotions.

This webinar will move from a theoretical frame to satisfy our mind hunger into a self-compassion practice to feed out heart hunger.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the need for self-compassion around food and eating.
  • Understand our emotional system and the benefits of a compassionate approach
  • Developing a compassionate mind: Activating the soothing emotional regulation system
  • About the Presenter

    Cuca Azinovic is a certified Mindful Eating Teacher and Mentor and Certified Deep Transformational Coach specialized in Mindful Eating and Self-Compassion, based in Madrid, Spain.

    She has a Masters degree in Mindfulness in Health Contexts (UCM) and has also completed professional training in Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness (MB-EAT) and in Compassion-Centered Therapy (CFT-E) for eating disorders, developed by Dr. Ken Goss & Paul Gilbert. She is currently studying psychology and Buddhist Philosophy.

    Cuca has focused her work on the cultivation of mindful eating and self-compassion, developing her activity in the individual and group setting with the aim of accompanying people in the development of personal well-being and self-care, independent of their body size. Alma mater of, a space for the development of mindfulness, compassion and corporal conscience offering individual, group therapies, workshops, training, and retreats. She loves her family (including her two puppies), her garden, her contact with nature and especially the sea, where she hopes to be able to live soon.

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