Embodied Practice and the Mindful Eating Practitioner

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Presented by Andrea Lieberstein, MPH, RDN, RYT

This two part series explores foundational practices needed to become an embodied practitioner of mindful eating. To be the most effective and authentic mindful eating practitioner, we must learn and embody the practice from inside out before teaching others.

Being a practitioner calls upon us to intimately understand the practice of mindfulness and how this applies to eating, as well as to our own and our clients’ inner landscape. It encompasses cultivating and practicing a wise relationship to our bodies, mind, and heart leading to greater equanimity and joy. Embodied practice includes practicing self-compassion, and leads to clear seeing of the inner and outer skills and tools that support mindful choices.

This program earns 2 Continuing Education Credits with CDR upon successful completion of the post test.

Embodied Practice and the Mindful Eating Practitioner

Recorded August 20 and September 3, 2019

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Learning Objectives Part 1

  • Describe qualities and skills necessary for the mindfulness-based practitioner for the effective delivery of mindfulness and mindful eating skills and tools to clients.

Learning Objectives Part 2

  • Describe the role of embodied mindful practice, including qualities of non-judgement and self-compassion for utilizing mindful eating tools and skills effectively in daily life.

Please note the practices in this webinar are either from the MB-EAT program and/or the Well Nourished Approach to Mindful Eating and Living.

Andrea Lieberstein, MPH, RDN, RYT, is the bestselling author of the book, “Well Nourished" a mindfulness and mindful eating expert, speaker, internationally recognized teacher trainer, mindfulness-based integrative dietitian nutritionist, mindfulness meditation teacher for 25 years and a champion for leading a Well Nourished Life. She leads mindful eating and Well Nourished trainings and retreats internationally, coaching and training professionals and the general public. In her private practice, Andrea works with individuals to have more peace, balance, compassion and joy in their relationship with food, self, nutrition, body-image, stress-related issues, weight or health concerns, or whom simply want to bring their lives back into balance and vibrancy through mindful eating and living. She spearheaded mind body programs at Kaiser Permanente Northern California centers for many years and has degrees from Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley. Andrea has practiced mindfulness meditation and yoga since the 1980's and is inspired daily by a regular yoga and meditation practice and the healing power of nature.

You can find her at www.mindfuleatingtraining.com, www.yourwellnourishedlife.com, Facebook: Mindful Eating Training Institute or Well Nourished - Mindful Eating and Living.

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