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Food for Thought Autumn 2019: Pregnancy and Families

In this issue:

  • Pregnancy: A Time to Listen Even More Closely to Your Body, by Dr. Cinzia Pezzolesi
  • Educating Parents (and Thereby Children) about Mindful Eating, by Dr. Claudia Vega
  • Raising Mindful Eaters (While Healing Your Own Relationship with Food and
  • Body), by Jenna Hollenstein, MS, RD, CDN
  • Setting Your Mindful Eating Intention, by Jenna Hollenstein, MS, RD, CDN

Included for download:

  • 1 PDF of the full color issue
  • 1 PDF of the Educational Handout

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In this issue of Food for Thought, we discuss the essential role of clinicians and parents in fostering mindful eating in the lives of pregnant women and children, respectively. In truth, the capacity for mindful eating already exists in all of us. Our roles as dietitians, therapists, counselors, coaches, parents, and caregivers is to create the container in which that innate capacity can thrive. Communication is key and, in all four pieces, you will notice the emphasis on talking regularly about mindful eating as well as feelings, experiences, and discoveries.

In “Pregnancy: A Time to Listen Even More Closely to Your Body,” Dr. Cinzia Pezzolesi highlights the ways in which clinicians can partner with their pregnant patients to nourish and sustain body trust, quite possibly setting them -- and their children -- up for a lifetime of satisfying mindful eating. In “Educating Parents (and Thereby Children) about Mindful Eating,” Dr. Claudia Vega discusses the complexity and nuance of educating parents about how to bring this practice into the home. Both reassuring and practical, Dr. Vega’s guidance addresses the elusive issue of how to introduce these practices.

The next two pieces are written by nutrition therapist, Jenna Hollenstein. The educational handout “Raising Mindful Eaters (While Healing Your Own Relationship with Food and Body),” outlines five principles to bring mindful eating into the home, while “Setting Your Mindful Eating Intention” offers a contemplation for helping us all to maintain a connection with our mindful eating practice. Whether during pregnancy or parenthood, examples are given to help you create your own mindful eating intention.

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