Food for Thought Spring 2016 Movement: Enhancing Ease and Joy​

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Food for Thought Spring 2016 Movement: Enhancing Ease and Joy


  • Beth Cotter, MPH, RDN: Fostering Connection from Disconnection
  • Claudia Vega, MD, M.S.: Children Balancing Body and Mind through the Practice of Yoga
  • Lynn Rossy, PhD: Incorporating Delicious Movement Into Your Life
  • Educational Handout: Incorporating Delicious Movement Into Your Life

About this Issue

Sometimes we need to stretch ourselves to bring mindful eating deeper into our lives. In this issue of Food for Thought, “Shifting the Focus: Being Well with Movement,” we will explore the role of yoga and its relationship to mindful eating.

We are so happy to welcome our guest writer, Beth Cotter, who offers us the latest research on the benefits of yoga as part of the treatment for binge-eating disorder. “Upon starting the [yoga] program,” she writes, “participants reflected that mindful eating was the opposite of their original urge to disconnect while eating -- either by distraction, multitasking, or binging.” The research linking the benefits of movement and mindful eating showed that “participants revealed that yoga led to feelings of “physical ease.” Participants noticed that practicing yoga did not feel like they thought exercise was “supposed to feel.” The initial negative feelings changed to feelings of being more flexible, long and lean, and more guided to heal a fractured relationship with the body. ”

Reading this just make us want to get up and move our body and discover what movements feel delicious! Dr. Lynn Rossy writes about how to savor movement. “To move in ways that feel delicious, you have to bring your full attention to your bodily sensations.” What better way to do that than with gentle yoga, a mindful walk, an intentional stretch.

Yoga isn’t just for adults. Dr. Claudia Vega shares her gratifying experience teaching children yoga and mindful eating. “In my experience, children like yoga because it is fun and challenging, yet safe.”