Food for Thought Summer 2016: Sustainability

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Food for Thought Summer 2015: Sustainability


  • Food, Sustainability, and the Role of Mindfulness, Caroline Baerten, RD
  • How Can Mindful Eating Promote a Sustainable Food System? Megrette Fletcher, MEd, RD, CDE
  • Sustainability: A Comparison of Mindless Food Purchase and Consumption, Cheryl Wasserman, LPC, NCC
  • Educational Handout: Sustainability: A Comparison of Mindless Food Purchase and Mindless Food Consumption

About this issue

There is currently a wealth of information about topics surrounding food, eating, and mindful eating from many sources. Having followed some lively debates and conversations about these topics, The Center for Mindful Eating considers it essential to get across a clear message of what we understand as mindful eating and relevant topics affecting its practice for our growing community around the world.

This issue of Food for Thought is dedicated to sustainability, which we believe is a very fitting topic to accompany the release of our first two position statements, one on meditation and the other on healthy eating. Sustainability is about clearly seeing the impact of our choices on our bodies, other participants in the food chain, other living beings around us, and the Earth itself.

Just as we human beings are intimately connected with other beings and elements, the practice of mindfulness meditation and the cultivation of healthy eating are closely linked to sustainability.

The following position statements are in alignment with the mission, vision and values of The Center for Mindful Eating. They might not reflect all of our members’ views/opinions. It is the hope of The Center for Mindful Eating that these position statements will provide opportunities for meaningful reflection and conversations along the path to a healthy and joyful relationship with food and eating to the benefit of all beings.