Mindful Eating & Intuitive Eating: An Exploration of Kindred Spirits

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About the Event

People often ask about the difference between mindful eating and intuitive eating, as if knowing the answer would help them determine which practice will get the best results. Both the question and the underlying desire point to one of the main cognitive distortions people use that struggle with food and their bodies--namely, all-or-nothing, right or wrong, this or that. In my experience of teaching both mindful eating and intuitive eating, there are notable differences and similarities. I see them as kindred spirits with practices that complement and support each other. Knowing and understanding both can lead to a beautiful relationship with food and body, as well as to the rest of your life. In this webinar you will learn the principles of each practice, an expanded view of mindful eating through the lens of mindfulness itself, and how the skill of mindful awareness is the underlying key that unlocks the benefits of both.

Learning Objectives

  1. List the 4 four foundations of mindfulness
  2. List the 10 principles of intuitive eating
  3. List 3 common misconceptions about mindful eating

About the Presenter

Lynn Rossy, Ph.D., is an author and health psychologist who specializes in offering mindfulness-based interventions for mindful eating and living. After spending much of her career at the University of Missouri, she became the Executive Director of Tasting Mindfulness, LLC.

In 2007, she developed an empirically-validated mindful eating program called Eat for Life which helps people have a healthy relationship with food and their bodies—decreasing binge eating while increasing body image, mindfulness, and intuitive eating. She teaches her class live online over Zoom to professionals and the general public. She also travels nationally and internationally to teach mindful eating.

Dr. Rossy published the concepts from her program in a book entitled, The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution: Proven Strategies to End Overeating, Satisfy Your Hunger and Savor Your Life (New Harbinger, July 2016). Her book was named one of the top ten books of 2016 by Mindful.Org. Her newest book is Savor Every Bite: Mindful Ways to Eat, Love Your Body, and Live with Joy (New Harbinger, May 2021).Her greatest passion is helping people find delicious ways to eat and move their bodies, while discovering greater meaning and purpose in life. She loves to play the piano, do yoga, hike in nature, eat fabulous food, and celebrate life with friends. She can be found anywhere by listening for her infectious laugh.

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