Mindful Meal Planning

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About the Event

On the surface, it may seem like meal planning and mindful eating are incompatible. How can one pre-plan AND practice present moment awareness with meal choices? But the reality is, lack of planning often doesn’t foster satisfying, joyful eating experiences either and can lead to stress and frustration around figuring out how to nourish your body. There is a middle path that exists between totally winging it and rigid control when it comes to making meal plans and that middle path is one of flexible, supportive, and mindful meal planning.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain how mindful meal planning differentiates from typical approaches to meal planning
  2. Identify the principles of supportive, mindful meal planning
  3. Describe the different ways in which one might approach meal planning to create simple, satisfying, and nourishing meal

About the Presenter

Dana Notte is a non-diet dietitian and nutrition educator who aims to help people heal their relationship to food, body, and self through non-diet, weight-inclusive, and mindfulness-based approaches. She specializes in working with individuals seeking support to heal from chronic dieting, disordered eating, and eating disorders. Additionally, she actively presents at conferences and professional trainings on topics related to mindful eating and non-diet approaches to care.

Much of her training has been self-guided and on-the-job. She has spent years reading, researching, and attending trainings and conferences related to mindfulness, mindful eating, and weight-inclusive care. She is a former facilitator of the Am I Hungry® Mindful Eating Program and spent several years working for a non-diet, mindfulness-based wellness retreat, where she honed her skills as a nutrition educator, counselor, and mindfulness practitioner.

Dana is now the owner of ThrivInspired Nutrition, a Burlington, VT based nutrition counseling practice offering individual in-person and virtual nutrition counseling services, group workshops and retreats, and community, corporate, and professional speaking services. Dana is also part-time faculty at the University of Vermont where she teaches in the Nutrition and Food Sciences Department. Recognized as an expert in the field, Dana has been quoted in several major publications including TIME, Reader’s Digest, Health, and EatingWell.

Outside of her professional work, you can find Dana in her kitchen experimenting with new ingredients and creating new recipes, with her nose in a Lonely Planet book planning her next international adventure, practicing staying present on the mat at the yoga studio, or enjoying all that the outdoors of VT have to offer.

You can connect with Dana online at https://www.thrivinspirednutrition.com/

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