The Dark Side of the 'Wellness' Diet

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About the Event

Through the lens of the presenter’s personal story, and the stories of her clients, this seminar will explore the negative effects of the restrictive diets that are often recommended for health reasons. It is, in practice, difficult if not impossible to determine for certain that a patient is intolerant to a particular food. But the “nocebo” effect - the patient’s beliefs about the efficacy or harm of an intervention -- is well-recognized in medicine. It can impact a person’s reaction to a specific diet or food. These diets often also add to the already high stress load of chronically ill patients. It will argue that all health interventions need to be evaluated with an understanding of the stress they could cause, and how the stress response negatively impacts health.

Learning Objectives

  • That our beliefs and feelings about what we eat are as important, if not more important, to our health than what we eat
  • That the potential value of any health advice or intervention needs to be weighed against its potential to increase stress
  • That weight-bias and fat-phobia are inextricably intertwined with the wellness movement and wellness diets
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