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About the Event

How do we bring Mindful Eating and Cooking into the kitchen on a practical level? Nutrition Consultant and Mindfulness Practitioner Angela Bewick, CHNC will go through a simple Lentil, Sweet Potato, and Coconut Soup recipe with us and discuss ways that we can see our kitchen as a sacred space for our mindfulness practice and our food prep as a meditative practice.

Angela uses humour, levity, and love as the main ingredients in her teaching and cooking practice. Included in this webinar is a recipe card so that you may cook along with Angela or simply watch and learn. This is sure to be a fun and informative hour and we'll have a meal made by the end!


Lentil, Sweet Potato, and Coconut Soup
Recipe download included.

Learning Objectives

  1. Practical application of mindfulness in the kitchen.
  2. New insights to inspire your pantry
  3. Your lunch or dinner made!

About the Presenter

Angela is a Calgary-based Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Mindfulness Practitioner. She’s been studying nutrition for over a decade and formally coaching people in the field of whole foods and wellness since 2009. She is a graduate of the University of Calgary (BFA,) The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CHNC,) and a long-time member of the Center for Mindful Eating. She also offers private nutritional consultations, teaches public and private cooking classes and speaks publicly promoting optimal health strategies. She believes that everything both within and without of our physical bodies is intricately connected and that in order for whole healing to occur, we must touch upon the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

In 2005, she began a formal meditation practice in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and has found great peace in the principles of mindfulness. Drawing on different philosophies and schools of thought, she experiences nature, yoga, dance, meditation, music, food, relationships and humour as pathways to bliss. She strongly believes that our mission right now is to align ourselves with our true nature so that we can learn to feel peaceful and content all the time. Once we can do that, we can easily share that consciousness with other and through connection with others, we can truly understand ourselves. It is her intention to connect people with the methods and resources that can propel them towards their best selves.

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